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No traffic jams in the sky

A car has no chance in a race against a helicopter. Anyone who wants to (or who needs to) travel as quickly and conveniently as possible from point A to point B can do no better than take to the skies with Kitz-Air, especially at peak times of year.

For anyone who requires sure transport in impassable areas or high up in the mountains; the trip can take minutes, rather than hours on the road. Experienced pilots and flight attendants are capable of meeting even the most challenging of requirements - all while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Airlifts from the Homebase Heliport Erpfendorf-Lärchenhof in Tyrol, Austria to Airports in Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich, and many smaller airstrips are easy with Kitz-Air's AS 350 B3 helicopter. That is because the aircraft has a range of 600 km and a cruising speed of up to 200 km/h. Trips into mountainous terrain and quite difficult terrain are easy.

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